[09.12.11] Bardenas Reales

The day after Txindoki we made a longer trip to an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Navarra, 200km south of Donostia, called „Bardenas Reales“. Tim’s Trabbi wasn’t sufficient for that kind of a trip, because we were 5 people (now also with Sara+Teo) and it included to drive on dirt-roads, so we rented one. The area […]

[08.12.11] Txindoki

After a really long time I finally felt like uploading more pictures… Early december we made a trip to a mountain called Txindoki, 40km south of Donostia near to Beasain. It was quite funny to drive uphill with the Trabbi of Tim to the base of the mountain. I thought a lot of times that […]

[26.11.11] Zumaia

OK: new day, new trip! This time taking the Euskotren to Zumaia with Tim and Norwin for taking pictures of the stone formations at the shore. They are only visible at low tide, which meant that we had to get up quite early. The town itself is really small and located about 20km to the […]

[23.10.11] Hiking

On this day we went for a hike to Pasaia, starting directly with the slopes of Monte Ulia, 100m away from my house. In the end we turned back home half the way, but it was quite nice to see the city from above and having a bit more of nature around for a change.