København, 05.2014

4 days Copenhagen. Starting the day with a two hour delay at the airport in Berlin we arrived just on time for Mithra’s defense of her Masters Thesis, which she did perfectly (I didn’t understand a thing though…). After that we could relax. And we did: Homeparty on a roof terrace, breakfast in Nørrebro, strolling […]

Hamburg, 10.2013

Trip to Hamburg with my mom over the holidays at the beginning of october. First time there, it was nice, but I expected the city to be bigger though. Beware of a lot of pictures from the new Sauerbruch Hutton building on the IBA-Area! Haha…

[20.-25.07.13] Visiting Turin and Milan

Yeah! I got to visit Italy… well Turin and Milan. Reuniting with my former flatmate Dario from Erasmus for his graduation and to celebrate a lot of course! I also had a proper piedmontese dinner with all of Dario’s family on the countryside! One day in Milan only. A hot day, like 38°C, but that […]

[23.-27.05.13] Short trip to Holland

Finally something new here… Short trip to Holland with Sarina to visit our dear friend Mithra for her birthday! Highschool art class dream team reunion, yay! Nice little town Delft is, especially the old part. The campus of the TU Delft is about the same size, but so much different. Of course we had to […]

[29.09.-03.10.12] Oktoberfest

Fantastic reunion at this year’s Oktoberfest in Munich with some sightseeing! Even if it was short, I was really happy to see you all again, drinking a lot of beer and eating delicious food! Unfortunately I didn’t shoot any pictures of you guys on the Wiesn, but I think you covered that part quite well! […]